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Herbspro Product Review

Herbspro.com claims to be the leading online retailer of health and wellness supplements. Their website was one of the very first online distributors to offer the “Acai” Magic Berry Formulas, and are still offering the best selection you can find. The supplements are broken into a few main categories when you get to the Herbspro.com homepage, they are: Adrenal Support, Energy Support, Food Supplements, Headache Support, Diet & Weight loss, Liver Support, and Stress Support. Songlaphaikhoe

All of these categories feature high quality, all natural supplements to suit your needs. You can go to the Herbspro.com website to view their entire selection, however below, you will see a few product reviews, to give you an idea of what some of these wellness products did for me. I was given a choice of several free products to give an “unedited” view point on. Take a look at what I discovered.

Acidophilus Pearls – Proprietary Probiotic Blend (1 billion Cultures)
I’m sure everyone out there has heard about the advantages of probiotic supplementation in your diet. My Herbspro.com review gave me the perfect chance to see what everyone was talking about. My brother told me how great pro-biotics were a couple of years ago and they sure didn’t disappoint me. I was found I was quite “regular” after a couple of days of use. The advertisements talk about how they help prevent gas, make your skin look better, etc. I just noticed they helped clean me out, which is reason enough to use a probiotic in my book.

Doctors Choice For Men – By Enzymatic Therapy
The next free sample product for my Herbspro.com review was Doctors Choice for Men. This is a multivitamin supplement geared specifically towards men. It has more ingredients than I care to mention. I wish I hadn’t chose this product. Not because there is anything wrong with it, but simply because like most multivitamin supplements…I really don’t feel much of a difference using them. I’m sure they do something good for me. But the good things don’t have the same obvious effects like the probiotic — if you know what I mean.

Adrenal Cortex – By Enzymatic Therapy
I have a problem with being chronically relaxed way too often for my own good. So I decided since Herbspro.com was throwing some freebies my way; why not try something that was supposed to give me some help with my adrenaline levels. The basic promise with this stuff is that when taken for a long enough period of time, your liver will be able to handle stress better and improve your adrenaline response. What can I say about this product? I don’t notice a huge difference in my adrenaline response, but just like the multivitamins…I’m sure something is going on there — and I don’t lead a very exciting life either (I’m lazy).

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